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26 plus minutes of Isolated Interaction, Trapped inside your own Horror Movie!

With over 30 years running, over 30 original, highly detailed rooms, designed to keep you isolated from other groups and actually scare you , while piping in 25 different soundtracks.

One of the few haunts around where you can still see your favorite horror monsters. Our cast of creatures has been trained to give you the best bang for your buck, by interacting with you and going after the adults instead of just the women and children.

Your 26+ minute Nightmare through the Chambers of Horror is only $13, that’s $.50 per minute vs. others charging $1 or more per minute!

Open dark to Midnight Friday and dark to 1am Saturday nights from September 12th through November 1st.

This year will be your last chance to see one of the best haunted houses in action, don’t miss out!