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Only 2 nights left to experience one of the best haunted houses that you will ever visit. After November 1st The Chambers of Horror will be gone forever. If you are looking for a good scare, and have been disappointed by the hyped up haunts, come out to the Chambers where your group will be isolated from all outside contact, twisted in circles and give you the scares that you are looking for. Once you visit the Chambers of Horror, no other haunt will compare. But don’t take my word for it; check out our reviews from our visitors, not the fabricated review boards.

Here are a few comments; “hands down room for room the best scare around” “Make this your haunt destination if it's the only house you go to!” “Anyone who hasn't been, GO!!!” “you will not be disappointed!!!” “If I could give more stars I would you guys are the best” “There isn't a haunted house that I have found that compares” “Definitely worth the trip and the money” “ Most fun I've had in a long time!” “Will keep you screaming for sure!!!” “you have got to come here!!!” “Best one ever!”
“An amazing attraction filled with nothing but energy!” “this place ROCKS!” “It is by far the best haunted house I have been to in a VERY long time” “I highly suggest you go check it out before it's gone” “half the price of the other places for twice the scares” “30 minutes of AUTHENTIC SCARES!” “We never saw the group ahead of us, or behind us!” “They don't rush everyone thru like cattle, they take their time and make sure you get scared” “One of the very few haunts in the United States that utilizes great acting and timing to get their scares” “well worth way more than $13 per person” “The Chambers is most excellent indeed!” “Unlike any other haunted house you have ever been in before” “I suggest The Chambers of Horror for your one and only choice” “If you are haunted housing this year this is a must before it is to late”

26 plus minutes of Isolated Interaction, Trapped inside your own Horror Movie!
With over 30 years running, over 30 original, highly detailed rooms, designed to keep you isolated from other groups and actually scare you , while piping in 25 different soundtracks. One of the few haunts around where you can still see your favorite horror monsters. Our cast of creatures has been trained to give you the best bang for your buck, by interacting with you and going after the adults instead of just the women and children.
Your 26+ minute Nightmare through the Chambers of Horror is only $13, that’s $.50 per minute vs. others charging $1 or more per minute!
Open dark to Midnight Friday and dark to 1am Saturday nights through Nov. 1st.
This year will be your last chance to see one of the best haunted houses in action, don’t miss out!